Re-ndex eRoom Index Server


Searches not yielding results. Data available is old and newer information is not being added. Soft Rebuild does not yield any results.



  1. Possible cause of Corruption.
  2. Full Text Folder has to be avoided from Backup runs on machine and should be avoided from Virus Scanner.
  3. Existence of .rup, .sup and .dup files which are greater than 1Gb in size are indications of corrupt indexes. Manual Rebuild may be needed after analyzing i.log and f.log files.


  1. Try running a hard rebuild on a Individual Facility before running it on entire site. Recommended to run facility rebuild on Smaller facilities to test results better before extending it to entire Site
  2. To identify the name of the facility and size, check the file store and see the size of the smallest facility.
  3. Run a SQL query on the database against "eRoom_eRoomSite"

    Query : Select * from Facilities ;

  4. Execute the query and select all names which are shown and export it to excel .
  5. Run a cross check against the GUID of the problematic facility against the list exported.
  6. Verify the i.log file and check for any requests for manual rebuilds.
  7. Stop eRoom scheduler from "services.msc"
  8. Delete all files associated with the GUID in the Full text folder.
  9. Restart the eRoom Scheduler.
  10. Navigate within eRoom to facility and click on Rebuild Index.
  11. All contents should be indexed with appropriate times depending upon the size and environment.

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